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Our golden Gelato initiative is our way of including our customers in our journey of giving back to effective charities that make the world a better place.

Every time you buy a Gelato at one our stores, 100% of the profit will go towards the sponsored charity in store!

For more info RE: The charities will support, click on the links!

Soul Burger
Soul Burger
Soul Burger
Soul Burger
Soul Burger

    We sell real burgers with real meat built from real plants. We believe plants are the future of meat!


    We’re leading a global movement in keeping animals out of slaughterhouses and off our menus.


    Plant-based foods reduce your risk of chronic disk and are lower in calories than your typical burg


    A global shift to a vegan diet will cut food related GHG emissions by 70%. Every plantbased burg helps save the planet!

  • FOOD

    By shifting to plantbased foods, we cease contributing to inflated grain prices used to feed livestock, creating stronger food security in developing countries.


    An average cheeseburger uses 660 gallons of water. Our plantbased burgs use approximately 13 gallons of water. Can’t argue with science!


    We’ve reduced our plastic use by 98%, recycle our cooking oil and partner with Powershop, a 100% carbon neutral power company.

  • Burgs

    All Staff and crew at SoulB are entitled to free burgs and drinks for every double shift worked!

  • Swag

    Uniform, Patches, Socks, Bags, customs burgs and more left over swag from our promotions are hustled in store.

  • Save Our Weekends

    Soul Burger is proud to be affiliated with the Save our Weekends movement that is retaining the pre 2017 penalty rates for our crew.

  • Culture

    There are jobs and then there’s being part of Soul Burger. We’re on a mission to redefine meat and catalyse our food culture away from animals on menu.

Soul Burger
Soul Burger


Soul Burger


Soul Burger


The bigger the better!

We can organise catering from numbers as small as 30 people to upwards of 1000 people.

All our catering packages come with two sliders per person across a range of choices (beef, chicken, mushroom and pulled pork) and accompanying fries!

We offer the following catering packages below:

  • 30 – 50 people: $11 pp
  • 50-100 people: $10.5 pp
  • 100-200 people: $10 pp
  • 200-500 people: $9.5 pp

Please give us a minimum of 48 hours below to arrange your catering request