Meet the new meat!

Yes, it’s true, we retail the best burgers in Sydney!

But we also passionately believe there’s more than one way for people to eat meat.

There’s the old way. The way that involves lots of misery, saturated fats, food waste, carbon emissions, land degradation, water use and, of course, slaughter houses.

Then there’s the new way. The way that involves lots of innovation, efficient resource use, better health outcomes, stunning taste, human ingenuity, and ofcourse, PLANTS!!

Plant-based proteins aka vegan meats aka the baddest thing in town are shaking up the world, and we hope we can offer you a glimpse into the future every time you step into our stores.

Our plantbased burgers range from southern fried chicken, BBQ beef, battered fish, all the way to plantbased bacon!

We are commencing our franchising journey this year and are firmly committed to forever changing the food scene.

Vegan, healthy, delicious, revolutionary!

Who would’ve though the humble burger would end up saving the world?

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