Soul Burger Newtown Reopens as the first Bar & Dine Concept Restaurant!

That’s right! After a (plant-based) beef with our landlord at the previous Newtown site, we’ve shifted to 190 King Street, Newtown!

We *love* this site. It’s cosier, more intimate & features a full bar!

What can you get at the Soul Burger: Bar & Dine Restaurant in Newtown?

  1. Our classic menu featured in our Randwick and Glebe Stores
  2. Our new signature cocktails, wines and spiked sodas!
  3. Our new SB Shakes (which are primo shakes featuring our new flavours: Cookie Butter, PB n J, Banoffee and Choc Mint
  4. Our new desserts menu featuring: Banoffee Pie, Vegan Stoners Delight (think Brownie + Peanut Butter + Crisps + Chocolate Sauce) and Churros & Ice Cream
  5. Our new share sides featuring: Mac & Cheese Balls and Pumpkin and Pulled Beef Arancini Balls

To try the new desserts, cocktails and SB Shakes you’ve got to come in though as they’re not exactly delivery friendly!

Impossibly Grill’d

In exciting news, we’ve seen Grill’d transition 2 whole stores to vegetarian outlets! At SB, our mission (literally on our wall at head office) is to popularise plant-based foods.

A mainstream brand backing vegan options in such a visible way is amazing for the plant-based movement overall, and we hope to see many more restaurant groups embrace plant-based food in a similar way.

Is that groans we hear in the distance? Yes we know, Grill’d is almost certainly being opportunistic and chasing the vegan dollar while they continue to wholesale fund factory farms and slaughter houses. *But*, this is how change is going to happen within the industry, and if it means less animals on menus overall, we back supporting the move! The only way we’ll change things from the inside, is with large meat-slinging groups diversifying with more plant-based options.

In the meantime though, keep supporting wholly vegan restaurant groups! As a group, plant-based restaurants survive and thrive based on our loyal, committed customers, and unlike the groups that dabble in vegan food, we won’t lose our moral compass to chase market share.

As we, and other vegan brands like us, continue to grow, more and more groups will notice, and we hope, continue to grow vegan market share at the expense of traditional meat.

Soul Burger Parramatta coming soon!

Yes there have been major delays, largely due to COVID-19. In saying that, we are closer then ever and hope to be open by end of February!

This site will be another “concept site”, this time being called Soul Burger Express.

What’s different at this site

  1. It’s located within the WSU and UNSW Engineering Innovation Hub at 6 Hassall Street, Parramatta. This is the first time we’ve put a Soul Burger within a University Campus!
  2. Our approach here is lunch-heavy, and will feature coffee and an all-day breakkie menu as well as a “grab and go” menu over the counter featuring a mix of salads and bowls!
  3. You’ll be able to enjoy your SB in a beautiful upstairs communal eating area with friends!

Parramatta folks and surrounding areas will also be able to order through the regular delivery channels!

Hope to see you at Newtown, Parra, Randwick and Glebe (sooner rather than later!)

Much Love – SB

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