Running a retail bizz is very hard (hello 90% failure rates!) and that’s without considering the morality of what you’re doing. So we’re devoting this to our fellow vegan restaurants juggling bills and hustling hard to make a dent in our food system.

1. Pioneering Change

Plant-based businesses are pioneering change within the food system. You’ve heard of Grill’d and Ribs and Burgers stocking Beyond right? Well, why do you think they did! They probably took a look at yours truly and the plethora of plant-based retailers around and decided there’s enough of a market to diversify their offering. Ironically plant-based retailers make their biggest impact not by what they sell, but rather by how they influence what everyone else sells.

2. Convincing Government and Regulators

There are many arguments around plant-based proteins. Is it meat? Should they be allowed to call it meat? What is meat? Can we redefine it? How about milk vs mylk? Can you milk an almond, and if you can’t, should it lose the use of the term milk?

Hmm, what about peanut butter? Coconut milk? Veggie Sausages? And what the heck is bacon and beef? Why not call those pigs and cows?

Without plant-based businesses this is all theoretical – the rise of plant-based offerings are pushing the argument and forcing regulators to reconsider their norms. Let’s hope we have fewer veggie disc suggestions hey.

3. Normalising Plant-based Proteins, Vegetarianism, Meat Reduction and Veganism!

The only way we’ll move away from factory farming to a more compassionate, sustainable food system is with enough voices urging out politicians and regulators to push for change. Those voices will develop over time as more and more people see the benefit of eschewing animal protein every so often and replacing it with plant protein.

Plant-based retailers provide a welcoming, open environment to curious individuals keen to dabble in the vegan/vegetarian scene without having to commit to the Guy Fawkes masks. Through gradual implementation of plant-based proteins our entire food system changes.

So here’s a shout to our brethren across the plant-based food retail scene from the Cruelty Free Shop, to Lord of the Fries, to MooFree Burgers, to Bad Hombres, to Smith and Deli and beyond! Get in and support your local plant-based business, your collective food choices will truly change the world.

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