(We sort of trialled the enthusiasm for a $1 hot dog special with the PBBF group first 😉)

As we seek to grow this year after COVID settles down, our goal will be to continue to connect with our customers and community as we seek to bring plant-based brilliance far and wide.

For this reason, we’ve just launched the Facebook group “Plant Based Burger Fanatics”. We’ll engage the group in fun decisions like what should be our new Gone in 60 Days special? 🤔, to bigger questions like, where we need to improve, which plant-based meat companies we should partner with, which area we should focus our franchising efforts first in & more!

Here are some early insights we’ve gained from the collective wisdom of the PBBF!

  1.  There is demand for a Soul Burger take on the “Big Mac” which we’re tentatively calling the “Big Mick”, “Mr Mac” or “Ms Mac” or…ahh… we may just let the group decide on this one. 
  2. There is a lot of love in the community for the sizzle and taste of the V2 Burger Patty and the Beyond Burger Patty. They were voted the most popular burger patties of the current plant-based selections in the Aussie Market. 
  3. The Mexican Menace (our upcoming Gone in 60 Days burger) has some great early hype behind it! 

Join the crew and help guide and steer us in the right direction as we seek to pioneer the plant-based comfort food in the country! We’ll also shamelessly plug our Soul Burger App at this point – birthday vouchers, cheaper prices, loyalty points & more!

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