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Have you ever dined at an office lunch, party, celebration or get-together and been relegated to soggy fries or crappy vegetarian avocado sushis? (we love them too, but enough already!)

Have you ever tried to get the organiser (or been the organiser) to order plant-based food for catering and were met with grooooans? Que your friends: “Please don’t shove tofu down our throats!

Well look no further! We bring the plant-based brilliance with our amazing catering menu designed to wow anyone and everyone who ever doubted plant-based burgers!

Featuring delicious flavour-packed plant-based burger sliders in cute brioche buns, Sydney’s finest fries with addictive lime-herb and tangy seasoning, crunchy cauliflower bites & more!

Order catering with us within 48 hours and you can either pick it up at your local SB or get it delivered for a flat fee of $35 if you’re within 5km of a store!

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