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  • August 13, 2019
  • soulburger

Our Year of Growth – Franchising and Beyond!

Our Year of Growth – Franchising and Beyond!

Our journey into plant-based retailing began in December 2015 when we opened the doors to what was (then) the first wholly vegan burger joint in Australia.


4 restaurants later and the plant-based scene has exploded. From Hungry Jacks working on an exciting v2 patty, to major retail brands like Dominoes and Grill’d rolling out entire plant-based menus, to the explosion of plant-based proteins available in retail supermarkets, the scene has well and truly come alive.


Since 2015 we’ve been quietly (and painfully) making mistakes, learning, pivoting and persevering. As of August 2019, we’ve since reached a place where we’re confident in our systems, our values, our people, our suppliers, and, above all, our food. And we believe, sustainable growth is now on the cards.


Over the next 3 months we are working on compiling a board of individuals who we believe can assist us with the right financial and operational skills to guide us toward greatness. We will be growing via a franchise model and partnering with small business entrepreneurs to bring SB to as many mouths as possible.


Franchising can be done horribly though, and we’ve seen evidence of this recently through various “churn and burn” franchise models that sell unsustainable businesses to trusting franchisees who lose everything in pursuit of their dream of business ownership. We want to ensure this has no place in our business.


To ensure our integrity isn’t compromised during the exciting phase ahead we’ve set out a Constitution of Ethics comprised of the following:

1. To accelerate the transition of meat toward plant-based proteins and always act in this interest first and foremost.
2. To ensure our future franchisees are treated as integral partners and custodians of our vision and values.
3. To ensure we guide our franchisees through ethical business ownership and strive to ensure each franchise business is a success.


We’ve an incredible opportunity to grow a business where our growth will always mean an increase in plant-based food consumption and a reduction in animal suffering, climate impact, biodiversity loss, water pollution and so much more. We want to maximise this opportunity and take all our franchise partners and customers along for the ride!


So here’s to a big 2020! Potential franchisees, if you’re reading, we’ll announce exciting developments soon. Soulburger’ites – wherever you are in the great land down under – get excited, we are coming!