1. Growth and Values

We care about growing because we care about changing our food system. We've opted for a unique franchise model that aligns franchisor and franchisees interests simultaneously and avoids traps of the current system. We believe the best way to spread our brand and message is with partners across the nation who share similar same values. You should be a person who is committed to their business, cares about disrupting our food system and is willing to engage in training.


2. Training

We've taken our time in honing and perfect our craft at our corporate restaurants. The difference between struggling and thriving is often down to training. We've created an amazing franchise training system and intranet where you'll be guided through our standards and procedures.


3. HR and Operations Support

We will guide you through the recruitment of staff, creating store culture, simulations of ideal operations, financial expectations and due diligence and comprehensive support during your franchise ownership. You'll have a dedicated Operations Manager who will work with you to ensure your franchise is transparent and successful.


4. Marketing and Design

We care about spreading our plant-based burgers to the ends of our nation and beyond! Our extensive marketing team and brilliant design team will ensure your restaurant looks stunning, has an enormous online presence and is constantly full! Our social media is consistently chirping with active, engaged customers.


5. Research and Development

We know plantbased food down to the soy bean and are committed to consistently innovating our food and diversifying our options. Our aim is to capture as much of the QSR market as possible. Our method is to build the most innovative plantbased burger brand globally.

Further Step

6. Further Steps

If you believe you're an appropriate candidate, please apply below with an expression of interest to begin a formal application.