There are thousands of franchises out there, so if you’re wondering
“Why Soul Burger?”, read on!

We believe in
plant-based food!

Do you need to be vegan or vegetarian? No. Do you need to believe in plant-based foods? YES! Being a successful franchise partner means you need to believe in our core values and our “Why?”. You need to believe in ethical business, sustainability, creating amazing store and customer cultures, and in the brilliance of plant-based food. You need to feel excited about blowing peoples’ minds with amazing plant-based burgers!

We are Pioneers in
Plant-based comfort food

You’ll find no other plant-based escape like ours! Plant-based Duck? Brisket? Fish? Pork? Fried Chicken? Beef? Chicken Sticks? Creamy Milk Shakes? We are the pioneers of plant-based comfort food and our mission is bringing it to the masses! With plant-based eating always on the rise, we let our customers enjoy all the things they love about meat, and none of the things they don’t.

We have ambitions to lead the plant-based QSR category globally

We believe there is a growing space in the Australian, and international, market place for a brilliant, authentic, passionate plant-based comfort food QSR brand. Joining us, is joining a challenger brand out to disrupt the Australian food scene!

We are obsessed with innovation and customer experience

We will never be stagnant, and continually coming up with new, exciting plant-based burgers and comfort food to excite our customers. We will constantly be scouring the international plant-based food scene and bringing our own twist to all the exciting plant-based foods being developed every year! We want our customers to experience vegan brilliance in our stores, and we want our franchisees to be just as passionate about bringing it to them!

We are leaders in ethical franchising

Our franchise model is built, from the ground up, with our franchise partners firmly in mind. We know you’re believe in us when you partner with us, and we never want to let our franchisees down. We believe our brand is only as strong as our weakest store, and we are absolutely passionate about ensuring our franchisees make money, meaning and achieve their aspirations. We want our franchise partners to own multiple stores, be leaders in delivering customer experience and believe joining Soul Burger was one of the best decisions they made!



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