About Us

Our Story

We opened our doors as Australia’s first wholly plant-based burger joint in December of 2015. After initially trading as a higher-welfare burger joint sourcing pasture-raised meats, we determined the best thing we could do for our customers, our planet and the animals around us, was to remove meats and animal products altogether.

When we first went wholly plant-based, it was a very different time.  The vast majority of our customers raised eyebrows at “plant-based meats” and there was no real plant-based supply chain in Australia. Moving forward 6 years, and we’ve since added multiple restaurants, began partnering with passionate franchisees, and are more committed then ever to  bring plant-based burgers around the country and beyond!


Our Vision

We are proudly plant-based and want to change the Australian food scene forever by moving plant-based food from being a “side-gig” to the main event! We are passionate about bringing the most amazing plant-based burgers to as many people as possible and forever destroying the myth about “boring vegan food”.


Our Food

We are committed to continually innovating and ensuring we serve the best plant-based burgers on the planet. We scour the nation (and world) looking for new, innovative plant-based products, we wine and dine the brands we love, and then we get our chefs to work their magic and create Soul Burger magic! You will find no other restaurant that celebrates plant-based comfort food like us!


Feedback and Media

If you want to learn more about our story, reach out to us about our food, or have any other questions in general please hit us up on feedback@soulburger.com.au

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