5 Ways Your Vegan Diet Is Helping Our Planet

The unfortunate reality of veganism is that it’s often brushed aside as a modern diet ‘fad’ by folks who don’t understand the incredible impacts a meat and dairy-free life can have on our beautiful earth. The happy reality, however, is that plant-based diets are changing the world.

If you’re reading this and you’re a vegan yourself, you’re no doubt already informed about the good you’re doing to flora, fauna and the planet in general. However, you’re probably going to stumble across people who still insist on asking why you’re vegan—here are five earth-friendly reasons to give them.

1. A plant-based diet only needs one third of the land needed to support an omnivore’s diet.

It’s true! Less than that, even. And the numbers don’t lie – researchers recently studied the environmental impact of our dietary habits now versus the impact in a hypothetical vegan world, replacing meat-derived protein with the equivalent from plant crops, and the results would make Mother Nature sing. According to study co-author, Joseph Poore, from Oxford University: “We reduced land use by 3.1 billion hectares — 76 per cent,” Mr Poore said. You’re welcome, world.

2. Every vegan saves over 100 animals per year.

Each year, 520-620 million animals are killed for food in Australia. However, each and every vegan who maintains a plant-based diet keeps at least 100 animals off menus and out of slaughterhouses every twelve months.

3. Each day, vegans save a bunch of other important resources just by not consuming animal products.

While a vegetarian diet will also help save the world, things like dairy products still hurt the earth and use a lot of its natural resources to produce. Did you know that, each day, a person who maintains a vegan diet saves on average 4,163 litres of water, twenty kilograms of grain, nine square metres of forested land and nine kilograms of carbon dioxide? If the earth could kiss all your faux leather boots, it would.

4. Vegans are reducing man-made pollution every day.

One of the biggest contributors to global warming is greenhouse gas emissions. And here’s the kicker – around 18-51 per cent (depending on the calculation and source) of man-made pollution comes from the meat industry, putting mass factory farming ahead of petrol usage in cars when it comes to polluting the earth. What would you rather: frying up some juicy eggplant or frying up our earth? The choice is easy.

5. Speaking of global warming, vegans are saving (metric) tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

500 grams of hamburger meat creates approximately 75 kilograms of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of driving your car for about 320 kilometres. How forked is that?! Not only does this impact good ol’ Mother Nature, but it’s hurting our wildlife too. There’s a mass extinction of species going on at the moment, impacting 86% of all mammals, 86% of birds, and 88% of amphibians. Heaps of them are facing extinction at some point in the near future, largely due to CO2 emissions.

So, next time you’re picking up one of our delicious plant-based burgs, give yourself a pat on the back for saving the earth (make sure you put the burger down first, though), because being vegan is not only sustaining our planet, but everything on top of it, too!

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