First things first, we’re not doctors. Or nutritionists or dieticians or health specialists. In fact, we just really REALLY love wrapping our hands, lips and taste buds around mouth watering burgers. But if that doesn’t make us authorities on the world’s favourite one-handed feast, then we’re not sure what does.

As burger superfans, we know a thing or two about the benefits of our Soul Burgers, and let’s just say there are a lot. In fact, we’ve decided that there are more than enough reasons to pop one in your gob every single day.

Here are five reasons why a Soul Burger a day will keep the doctor away*.

1. You’ll bulk up on protein.
The fact is, there’s enough protein in a plant-based patty to turn you into a regular modern day Popeye. Not only are our vegan patties often lower in calories than a regular beef patty, they’re often lower in nasties like saturated fat and cholesterol too. Some of the foods that are at the heart of our handmade plant meat, like soy beans and quinoa, are complete proteins, and contain all nine essential amino acids that humans need to thrive from nine-to-five and beyond.

2. You’ll get more bang for your bite.

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: every single one of us should be consuming a whopping five vegetables and two pieces of fruit per day. But we all know that on their own, these diet-musts can be a little bland on the ol’ taste buds. Not in a Soul Burger. Our gourmet plant-based burger patties are loaded with veggies that’ll enrich your body with the vitamins it needs to function. Plus, they’re sandwiched in between fresh Aussie ingredients like lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber. So you may as well feed your body something that your gut AND mouth will thank you for.

3. You’ll leave more water for our plant and animal friends.

On average, every time you sink your teeth into one of our juicy Soul Burgers, you’re saving almost of tonne of water. That’s because it takes roughly 660 gallons of water to bring a ⅓ pound beef patty out of the paddock and onto your plate. On the other hand, it takes only thirteen gallons of water to put a delicious plant meat patty in your hands. The maths doesn’t lie.

4. You’ll enjoy a bun-load of variety.

You should never settle for a boring snack when you could have a spicy smorgasbord, which is why you should spice of your life with our lengthy Soul Burger menu. With no less than thirteen different burgers on offer (and four different varieties of fries), there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to your daily dose of protein, veggies and tongue-tingling flavour. In fact, there’s enough variety to ensure you’re eating a different one almost every day for a fortnight!

5. They’ll feed your soul.

Nothing feeds you soul quite like knowing you’re keeping animals off menus, saving precious water, minimising greenhouse gas emissions and supporting local business. So, imagine how well you’ll sleep at night knowing you’re doing it every single damn day.

Thanks to the juicy burgers at Soul Burger, and the even juicier commitment to sustainability, making a positive impact on the world every day has never been more delicious.

*We in no way endorse eating nothing but burgers, no matter how delicious they are. Please refer to Nutrition Australia’s Dietary Guidelines for advice in maintaining an optimum diet.

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